Old mature women how to find, date and fuck them

Think of old mature women as an investment. A healthy older mature woman increases in value with age--she has more older women sex tricks, she is more willing to do things that less maturewomen aren't willing to do. She's also probably done everything you can think of. Old women fucking are just as hot as can be.

Taking care of older or mature women is fairly easy, they aren't near as demanding as less mature women are and they don't need as much care or maintenance either. About all you need to do to, or for, a hot mature woman is call her now and then and throw a good fuck into her. She won't be driving you crazy to take her here or there like the females you are used to. When it comes to sex they are also more open minded than the usual women you date. It's no wonder guys all over the world are discovering the joys of fucking an older mature woman. So, if you want easier, better sex, if you want a less demanding woman and a woman who will do more of what you want sexually, pick up an old sexy mature woman next time you are out hunting for pussy.

Hot and horny mature women

Check out all the mature women in the bars you visit, also anyplace else you may happen to go. Flirt with them(they love it and will flirt back) By flirting with a mature woman, particularly if you are younger than her can be very flattering to an older woman and she will eat it up. During the flirting, watch to see what she likes best and responds most to. She will probably even start encouraging the conversation to go the way she wants it to. This is an easy way to find out what she wants and likes.

Give her a ton of compliments. Compliment her great old mature tits and ass, her great looking face and even the clothes she wears or her sexy older woman lingerie. Tell he how much younger they make her look and that she is so hot you wish you were older so she would be more interested in you. Chances are she will jump on that one and tell you that you are old enough for her.

Smile and be friendly, most old or mature women are starved for a man's attention and will love it. Tease her a little about the age difference and keep coming back to the point that it's just to bad she's so older than you and not interested. She will respond.

Any information she volunteers pay close attention to. It's probably a signal of one kind or another and you should question her a bit about it. She will love the fact that you are paying attention to her and listening to what she has to say. When you are ready to leave, let her know you would be interested in taking her for coffee or a drink and discussing things more.

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Talking with sexy senior sluts

Mature women like to talk about almost anything and a mature babe has a lot you can learn from her. You see, these things don't just work on sexy older women but they work on all women. Young and old. Shut up and let her talk. Heh, heh, besides, it's free. Just listen and give her a compliment now and then.

Just listening to an old mature aged woman can be one of the best experiences of your life if you work it right. She'll tell you tricks women use against men and tricks they fall for over and over. Compliment her on her knowledge of people and relationships and encourage her to tell you more. Listen to what the mature is saying and use it later on. Heh, if you are good you can even use what she told you on her.

If she says she has something that needs fixed, offer to fix it for her. mature women usually have problems with something that doesn't work of she can't program her vcr, tv, etc. Pay close attention to the and pick the easiest quickest job you can. When you finish it she will probably want to show her appreciation. Lol, this is the point you have been waiting for. Tell her a hug is enough payment as it wasn't all that hard anyway and ask her if she has anything else you can do for her as you really wouldn't mind getting a few more hugs. ;)

A old mature usually has a lot of mature friends her age or a bit older or younger. This can be one fertile hunting ground for you for older or mature women if you truly do want to fuck a lot of older or mature women. Most of the time they are happy to pass you on to one of their mature friends to fix things for them too. Treat her right in bed and do some of the things she particularly likes, make her cum as often as you can after you get her into bed. Heh, going to bed will probably be her idea anyway. Take advantage of it, fuck her good and she will brag to all of her mature friends what a great fuck you are. The result of that is all of her older friends will want to fuck you too.

Aged old women and hot senior sex

Find out what her mature fantasies are, what forbidden things she was raised to believe are wrong and what she has never done that she would really like to try. After you find out these things, do them to her for some great mature woman sex. She'll probably love it and want even more. Just be careful because if you are to good all she'll want to do is fuck. ;) However be very sure when you see her nude for the first time to compliment her on her hot and sexy naked older woman fantastic body. She will love that and you will get lots of points for it. Just be aware that a bare mature women is very knowing about her body and how she thinks it looks so once again, be sure to compliment her on how she takes care of herself and how great her nude mature womans body is to you.

Don't complain when she want's to be with her older friends, as a matter of fact, encourage her to do so. It will show you to be a really understanding young man and it also gives her a chance to brag to all of her mature friends about all the hot cock she is getting. This will make her old friends very curious about you and you shouldn't be surprised to see some of her mature woman friends dropping in on the two of you, unexpectedly. Treat her older friends the same way you treat her. They'll eat it up too and if you know they are close friends you will have a shot at a threesome.

While a hot old bare mature women may require special care during the sex, her training, and experience will give you some of the best sex you ever had. If you are lucky enough to get the two of them into bed at the same time, take it easy, they weren't raised the way women are now and may resist a lesbian experience even tho they may want it. Don't force them to eat each other or suck each others tits. Just casually place their hands on each others tits and then let them know that it really turns you on to see them touch each other. If you take it slow and easy they will do pretty much whatever you want just to keep you happy.

Fucking her hot, sexy senior friends

As I mentioned earlier she will tell her a sexy old mature womens friends all about you and how good you are to her in bed. Now you have reached the promised land. When one of her friends remarks that she can't get her vcr or tv programmed either, offer to help her with it. Any little job she has, just offer to do it for her as it's a fishing expedition to see if you think she is hot too and you know she wants some of the great hot sex you are giving her friend.

After you fuck her sexy older woman friend, don't mention it to her. If she asks how it went just tell her it went fine, just like hers did. Don't lie tho, just don't tell her the details. Her mature friend will fill her in the first time they get together to talk. If she says anything after that(she probably won't) just let her know that you are young enough to take care of both of them and that altho you fucked her older woman friend, her friend knew so much about you and your bed techniques that you know your own mature woman was the one to tell her so you thought it would be okay. Most mature women are not going to be real happy about you fucking their friends while you are at their house but she's also not going to complain to much because now you can always leave and just fuck her friend. You now have two older mature women to fuck and have increased your hunting ground by 100%.

A relationship with mature women

Maintaining a mature is a fairly easy thing to do. They have learned to live without much attention so by paying a little attention to them they will always want you. Complimenting them, telling them they are beautiful, smarter than the usual women you go out with and much more understanding is easy. Particularly now that you have established yourself with her. Fuck her, fuck her friends and fuck their friends. If you don't mess up in any big way you will have about 10 mature women on your string that you can fuck whenever you want to. A nude older woman rules and you will to if you follow this advice on sexy and mature women.

Mess around with mature older women at your own risk. After you start with them you'll be spoiled and that's all you'll want. The women your age will seem like greedy grasping immature idiots.

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