"Dirty and Fun Sex Games"

Do you like dirty games? There are tons of fun sex games you can play with your girl or guy. There are so many interactive sex games, 3d sex games and even board games with a sex theme that you can play together if your partner likes them.

Of course there are all the dirty games we all know like spin the bottle, strip poker, truth or dare and lots of other games that can be adapted to be sex games. You can even turn pitching pennies into a strip game so for a lot of dirty games you just have to use your imagination.

I'm not a real fan of the interactive sex games because they bring the computer into it and then I always want to show her some porn pics rather than play some idiotic 3d sex game. I much prefer sex games that happen in the bedroom rather than on the computer.

I'm not into any kinds of handcuffs or blindfolds either. No matter how much I love her I'm not going to be handcuffed to anything and the same for blindfolded. I just don't have that level of trust in anyone. Much to vulnerable for me.

One of the dirty and fun sex games my girlfiriend likes involves us kissing and touching each other, one at a time, for a minute, then going back to what we were doing. The only rule is the first one that touches themselves has to give the other 10 minutes of oral sex.

In this game you don't want the other person to have an orgasm but you want to get them so close they just have to touch themselves to relieve the pressure. I might walk by her chair and stand behind her and caress her breasts. The next time I go by I might stop and run my fingers around on her inner thighs or trace my fingers down her thighs and just below her throbbing crotch. The next time I might open her blouse and kiss her breasts and lick her nipples. The unfortunate thing is touching her makes me harder and harder so I usually lose. It's not a problem to give her oral sex for 10 minutes tho as I love it as much or more than she does.

Anyway, if you and your partner are looking for some dirty games to play in the bedroom or some fun sex games you should check out this book. It's got a ton of ideas for fun and dirty sex games. Well, 100 ideas anyway. Check it out and see what you think. If you're relationship needs some more spice or you need more excitement try some of the sex games in the book. You'll be pleasantly surprised what introducing some fun sex games into your life will do for sex and your orgasms.

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