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Because I like a lot of different teens girls and particularly like them nude with small tits, little itty bitty tits or even tiny tits on young girls I decide I should write this story about my first time and how I lost my virginity. I wish it had been with a petite young teen girl but she wasn't tiny at all. All of the words underlined below go to that type of nude teens, tiny tits or petite young girls resources. Read the story and then check out the rest of the hot little teens with small tits that are waiting for you.

Nude teens and sex are all I've thought about since the moment I lost my virginity to a fourteen year old nude teens girl. Her name was Sherri and she was almost two years older than I was. I was thirteen at the time and her birthday was a few days after she let me make love to her completely nude.

I can remember everything about her, how she looked and what she taught me, how nice out it was and even what she was wearing. Hers wasn't the first nude teens body I ever saw but it was the first time I ever got to touch exposed big breasts so the meomories will probably be there until I die or get alzheimers, whichever comes first.

Sherrie was a very pretty young teens girl and nude she looked even better. Brunette hair that reached past her shoulder blades and huge brown eyes. Her lips were a bit thin but she still could suck a cock very well with her pretty nude teens mouth. As I said above, her breasts were quite large, or at least I thougt so at the time. I suppose even a cup tits would have seemed huge at that point.

Not that it matters at this point but I really did develop a fondness for little tits or really small tits. I have been out with a girl who had really tiny tits, almost flatchested and discovered there are tits to tiny for my taste. Still, at this point I really don't like big breasts at all anymore.

What turns me on now are young small nude teens or some of the girls who are really petite little teens and have small boobs at least as long as they are nude. Sorry, the thoughts of petite little tiny tits got me off track. It happens as I'm getting older.

The clothes Sherri was wearing were typical of teens at the time. She had on a pinkish poodle type skirt and about 7 petticoats underneath. She was wearing a white blouse and an ugly cotton bra and cotton panties. She had on lipstick and her nails were bright red. Damn, I still love girl who wear that stuff and getting nude teens to suck my cock with those hot red lips is really great.

I suppose you're at this nude girls site for the same reason I go to nude teens sites. Because you like to see naked teens pictures or hot and sexy girls with small breasts getting nude. I certainly like to look at pics of petite teens girls and barely a day goes by that I don''t look at some nude teens porn. Lol, that's why I'm a webmaster also. Then I can look at nude teens pics all day and not worry about it.

Sherri and I had been talking and walking when the subject of teens sex came up. After we talked about 10 seconds my dick was hard as a rock. Some nude teen porn pics or movies would have come in handy. Anyway, we continued talking until she noticed my cock was hard. She asked if I'd ever touched a teens pussy before and I said nope, I hadn't ever touched a girls pussy.

She said she'd run and if I could catch her she would get naked and let me touch her nude teens body. Now thinking about her hot teen body naked must have given my feet wings and my reflexes an extra dose of quickness because when she ran she didn't make it three steps before I had her. Damn, now I couldn't wait to compare her body to the ones in my teen porn fantasies.

We went to her house and she very slowly undressed. She was so damn slow I urged her to hurry but she just giggled and kept teasing me with the petticoats. Soon she was down to her panties and ugly cotton bra and to my amazement my dick had gotten even harder. It was so hard now it hurt.

Finally she took off her underwear and stood there so I could look at her great tits, hard nipples and really bushy nude teens pussy. This was the days before nude teens girls started shaving their pussies clean and before I started to like little tits. I must admit tho, I do like a smoothe pussy much better than a hairy one. Then she told me to take my clothes off and get naked with her. Hell, being a horny teenager you know I had them off in a split second.

Sherri asked if I wanted to touch her and I thought it was a damn fool question. What horny teen wouldn't want to touch a young nude teens girl who was right in front of him and naked too. I did wonder if her larger breasts were going to feel as good as some of the small tits I had touched before. She came closer and took my hand and put it on her warm breast. Then she showed me how she like her tits touched and how to squeeze her nipples to make her feel good.

She was running her hands over my chest so I slid my hand down to her nude teens pussy and started rubbing it. While I was rubbing her pussy I slid my other hand around and touched, squeezed and caresses her sweet, smoothe ass. She kep sliding her hand farther down my chest and onto my belly. Slowly and gently rubbing me and slowly but surely going lower and lower. I kept trying not to cum because I wanted this to last forever. She was absolutely beautiful.

Teen pornography wasn't near as good as she was. She slid her hands down and slowly stroked my cock while she rubbed my balls. My mind was on fire and I really needed to cum and I mean now. This little nude teens bitch had me so horny I thought I was going to bust. Finally she said she wanted to be on top and I said OK. She told me to put a finger in her wet teens pussy and I didn't need to be told twice.

After I fingered her wet cunt for a few seconds she said OK, I'm going to climb on and she did. I doubt she bounced up and down more than ten times before I shot a huge load into her tight little pussy. A few seconds later she started moaning and telling me she was cumming too.

When she finished she got off and started to get dressed. She then asked me if I'd like to do it again and I said sure, lots of times. She told me if I wanted sex with her I'd have to give her a quarter for each time. You know where most of my paper route money went for the next eighteen months.

So there you have it. The story of how I lucked into my first piece of ass and lost my virginity. and got started looking at nude teens pics later on in life. Now I have more fantasies about teen lesbians with some tiny tits or being in a threesome with some nude teens girls. That would be nice.

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